BaroqueAros is a professional baroque ensemble founded in 2009. The ensemble plays baroque music on original period instruments, that is instruments with gut strings and low pitch level.

From the start, BaroqueAros has been taken in by both audience and the press. After the first koncert, the newspaper Aarhus Stiftidende wrote: "Refreshing! BaroqueAros seems to be a valued part of the city's music life."

BaroqueAros consists of a core basis of 7 musicians, but expands cordially - and when needed - with frequent guest musicians for a bigger ensemble. The permanent ensemble consists of violin, viola, cello, double bas, harpsicord and oboe/bassoon.

On a regular basis, BaroqueAros invites international capacities on baroque music to inspire and lead the ensemble. Thus, the ensemble has performed with, among others, violinist Peter Spissky, oboeist Alfredo Bernardini and countertenorDaniel Carlsson. In addition to cellist Hidemi Suzuki, harpsicordist Lars Ulrik Mortensen and bassoonist and ensemble leader Peter Whelan.

BaroqueAros often perform in Aarhus, in the Symphonic Hall of the Concert Hall of Aarhus or in the cathedral, but also in other parts of Denmark, music organisations and churches enjoy the engage, sensitive and sparkly music that characterizes concerts with the ensemble.

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