Aarhus Sommeropera


Aarhus Sommeropera has developed from being a grassroots opera, emerged from a wish by singers in Aarhus to perform opera in Helsingør Theater in Den Gamle By, to being one of Denmark's leading chamber opera companies. In the latest seasons, Aarhus Sommeropera has been noticed in Denmark and abroad for its productions. During the first 5 season, only known, classical operas were performed, but since 1993 the repertoire has been a mix of old and new, known and unknown musical drama.

Every second year, Aarhus Sommeropera premieres at least one new Danish opera, and since 2000, 60 % of the repertoire has been newly composed Danish musical drama composed specially for Aarhus Sommeropera. Especially within Danish musical drama, the results of the opera company has received a lot of recognition and praise from the reviewers, and the company is one of the few in Denmark who invests abundantly in this genre.

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